Key Learning:

5.Evaluate the effectiveness of solutions to geographic issues at the local, national and global level.

Child Trafficking is such a global problem as it is an immense $32 billion industry which is around the same lines of what Disney makes per year. Child Trafficking exploits children and young adults into slavery, prostitution, child labor, and pornography and into battle as child soldiers. In the “for sale” above I wanted to show how easy it is to purchase a child when parents can not afford the children or need money they will pay minimal amounts for the child. The parents take the money or they will get orphan children that have nowhere to go. Child Trafficking branches off into so many illegal, disgusting practices that it can make one nauseous yet the issue is barley ever talked about. We are so concerned on natural disasters we forget about one of the biggest unethical businesses and trades in the world. Child Trafficking is so devastating on a child’s life it corrupts the mind and the child is a mere shell of what they once were, simply a tool for money.

The poster is meant as a way to “shock” the viewer. The bright background an the “Child Sale” signs draws the viewer in but the pictures and text show another story and shows that child trafficking is occurring everywhere even in someone’s “backyard.” People need to band together to fight the ever-growing issue. Education is vital as educated children have the potential to know what they are getting themselves into the education is the key to escape poverty and many children are only stricken to be part of child trafficking due to financial needs. I feel the strong visual accompanied by minimal “strong” text creates for a strong awareness poster to communicate to a viewer beyond the obvious as the message is out of context on a “for sale” sign ad. It is hopefully to attract the viewer to actually give it a read