Key Learning

Explain how the earth’s natural and human systems are interconnected.
This post has two parts on the right hand side a sort of letter or reflection and on the left a short poem. I wanted to do something but I did not want to spew out stats and information for this entry or any of my others I wanted them to be short and concise. I felt like since we learned about re background and stats because we were so familiar with the issue I would do something such as a journal and a poem in one piece. I wanted the reader to get a mental image in their head of despair, similar to what the people of Haiti still feel to this and I hope that was accomplished. I wanted the poem to be quick and to the point, short and memorable and the wirtten peice to be longer and more descriptive to convey mental images to get the reader to think about what Haiti must have done for the people and they took it in all at once, how could their hearts handle it and move on.