Key Learning

Evaluate the cultural, economic, political and environmental impact of changing technology.

I wanted to highlight a foundation but since we spent so much extensive time inc lass talking about a wide array of NGO’s and foundation I wanted to a unique and interesting foundation that appealed to me. I found one that took a different twist on helping the global community. Education, it is always talked about as it is the key to child’s future to find their way out of poverty and or live a stable life. The Kanye West Foundation was a foundation that rewarded the teenagers that part took in the program and it always helped the teenagers out by providing classes to teach kids communication, respect, time management and other life skills that are not necessarily obtained through growing up naturally and tend toe needed to be taught. The Foundation strives for academic excellence for a “b” average to get to College and to keep up attendance and in the end cut the dropout rates to motivate kids to see that education is such an important tool in their lives to get them to where they want to be. I felt this foundation gave a new prospective then any other we see in media focusing on poverty stuck nations but looking at neighboring countries dealing with their problems at home.