The environment is a delicate place but the need for energy is outstanding and the delicate balance between demand the environment is thin. A proposal has been sent to create75-megawatt gas plant by TransCanada Energy Ltd., QEW and Royal Windsor Dr. Residence of Oakville and Mississauga are angered by the placement not only of a power plant but one so close to their homes and protesting that “Homes and power plants do not mix!” The power plant will burn fossil fuels cleaner and less harmful than coal but still polluting he air quality of such a rich and beautiful town. The health risk that exists for the residents of Oakville can be dangerous and protesters are ready to go any limit to ensure the power plant proposal does not pass.

The political cartoon in a newspaper style shows concerned citizens of Oakville protesting in a collected group that power plants do not mix with homes. You can see that just behind the fence a power plant and the home are caught up in a twister and that one will have to give way, the home or the power plant, the very situation Oakville residents face a new power plant or the safety of the people in their homes.

Key Learning:

3. approaches, policies and principles relating to the protection and sustainability of natural and human systems.