As a Canadian I believe it means you can embody true freedom. In this country a persons limits and opportunities seem endless. As a Canadian I am more blessed then people from my homeland Punjab, India. In a sense being Canadian let’s you be spoiled with being blessed with little to no responsibilities. Children roam free, with no jobs, no duties or obligations. Although being Canadian leaves you spoiled in many ways and thus you forget to cherish a lot of what is given to you at times. You can be blinded to the outside world and become self-centered and a tad bit selfish.

In Canada we get the privilege of freedom of speech such a vital aspect of life Canadians take for granted. Even as a single person living in Canada you can make a difference and as a group in a Democratic country you can define so many changes to the way “your” country function, that way you want. That is the thing, Canada is “your” country and unlike other countries you function it not the other way around, you always have a say.

Canada is a land full of opportunity for education, lifestyle, wealth and everything in between. We have the power to shape our communities and our country. We have some of the best sports, culture and multiculturalism to bring everyone together. Canada does not belong to a certain ethnicity or race but it is a “melting pot” of all kinds of people that truly makes it a warm interconnected place. Canada “The true North Strong and Free,” those lines embody what Canada is and as citizens we have the obligation to abide by that. Being Canadian is so much more then belonging to a country it’s an unforgettable experience and as so many strive to come to live here I Am blessed and proud to say “I AM CANADIAN.”