Poster Reflection

1.What was your task?

Our task was to create a poster with no words that displayed the demographic transition and  one of the nine topics we studied in class, and how it lowers the Total Fertility Rate.

2.Why was the poster difficult to create?

The poster was difficult to create because it’s hard to explain the message without using words. Being accustomed to using written text and language as out second preferred choice of communication it was hard to deliver a message without suing tools we were not comfortable with. It was also difficult to make the message “heard” to people in underdeveloped countries who may not understand the images. It was a tough challenge to try to embody images and pictures that they would hopefully understand.

3.What Key Learning does this poster fit with?

The poster we created relates to the seventh key learning, regarding the global trends. This is because as countries go through demographic transition, women that are empowered) educated, employed), have less children, which reduces the fertility rate.

4.How can you connect this leaning to one of another course you are taking?

This course could relate to the course Families and Individuals: In a Diverse Society; because it talks about gender equality and empowerment of women in small sections of the course. It mentions that’s women often keep families together and build strong family bonds. Women who educate themselves can support themselves and create a life for their families

Key Learning

Evaluate approaches, policies and principles relating to the protection and sustainability of natural and human systems.